Our point of view on how one should learn to drive?


Like a tailor-made suit.


We compare the learning process to a tailor that makes a suit fitting to your needs;

we do not expect you to fit in our 'general-confection-store-manufactured-things',

but instead we will work after first measuring your real needs to how improve your personal driving skills.


Until recently we applied the classical teaching methods of driving schools,

but from this month on we offer some thing more...




Drivers analysis




In this department we analyse all categories of vehicle-driving (in request of third parties or from the principal) following topics :
• ergonomics
• view technique 
• speed lowering modes
• cruise control (static en dynamic use)
• assessment of knowledge level of traffic regulations and the way of applying those in every day traffic
• eco driving
• traffic insight and anticipation abilities
• in- and fitting out techniques (specially on high way traffic)
• strategies in choosing the best traffic lanes (on large avenues and high way)
• parking- and other manoeuvring aspects
• attitude to share the road & traffic maturity
• Aspects of behaving on the road according Tao-teachings