• € 25,00: for registration fees - valid for the next 3 years.  


     • € 75,00: for theory lessons Belgian road regulations (12h) in group


     • € 180: for theoretical lessons (12h) in 'speed-up' modus meaning in 2 days

                  - only available in French or Dutch


     • € 57,50/h for driving lessons taken with automatic gearbox.


     • € 55,00/h for driving lessons with hand shifted gearbox.


     • € 75,00/h for driving lessons with heavy trailer >750kg M.A.M. (cat. BE ). 


     • € 135,00: to assist you and offering you the use of our driving school car.

           In this price is also included +/-1h20 driving rehearsing lesson, preceding your driving test.



Note: for the system of 20h driving course (that can give you the possibility to drive without a guide)

we expect at least an advanced payment of 150 to 200€

- the rest of the sum can be paid to your possibilities

as long as the total amount is paid at least at the last lesson.