Principle "the curved way is the right way",

Lao Tseu from the Tao The King 




• These motorcycling driving sessions are meant for all those who do not possess since very long their    motor driving license or have since long not have the opportunity to ride for quite a long time.
• The number of participants is restricted to a maximum of 6 to 9 candidates per session

(assisted by 1 till  3 crz-instructors).
• The intention is on the one hand to inquire how the Tao teaching can influence our way of driving

and  to a broader extend may be also how we should let it influence our way of living.
• The relative small number of participants that are admitted per session has the intention

to put people  at ease that do not feel in general so in larger groups.
• Your crz-coach shall make sure that your driving level increases (in a rather subtle manner).
• The first part consists in a driving style analysis.
• The following part is the journey to a thematic area;

this can be an art exposition or any other  happening.
• The idea is to propose a 1 or 2 day trip, where at there will be some attention provided to some of the  driving aspects of motor cycle driving as to other complete different themes of life that have no direct  connection with the motor driving. (We hope it goes without saying that you also believe that respecting  the traffic regulations is not automatic forcing you to have a dull way of motorcycle driving).
• The rates are set between 150€ (for 1-day trips, dinner included) till 350€ per participant

(for a  prolonged weekend; starting from Friday until Sunday).